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Set of 12 figures

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    This beautiful set of silver miniature figurines of animal patrons of the year according to the Eastern calendar, for success and prosperity, well-being and peace in the family, luck in life, longevity, helps conception of smart, beautiful and successful children, brings wealth and money to the house, makes it so people around you begin to love you just like that, trust and obey you. Children become obedient, grow smarter before their eyes, they wake up the desire to learn new things and help parents.

    Achieving the desired goals, if they do not go against your highest life mission, become simple and ordinary, and you begin to get the impression that everything happens by itself easily and naturally! There is a complete harmonization of life, unnecessary connections fall off, the right people begin to come into your life and the necessary events occur.

    Yes, these beautiful figures have such a property, if they are assembled together, the only condition for the onset of the desired is that you should carefully treat the figures, do not drop them, do not break them, wipe them from dust and the MOST IMPORTANT is the main SECRET !!!! - touch them, say aloud your innermost desires, listen to your heart, really check if you want this or that desire to be fulfilled, listen to yourself and everything that you wish is FULFILLED! After that, put the figures in the box - this is the house for them, thank them, close the box with the lock and FORGET !!!! Yes Yes Yes !!! Forget about your requests and desires, give the opportunity to work for their fulfillment to the Higher Forces, do not bother them, the Universe knows how best to fulfill your dreams !!!!

    Checked repeatedly! Everything is working !!!! And it is true !!!!

       And one more bonus, only those who really have back pain, neck injuries, any spinal injuries, I will teach you how to overcome this pain, how to get rid of it once and for all, get up and start walking and live without pain !!!! And this is also REALLY, in any case, helping me, my relatives and friends, I learned and learned this recently, but more on this later on request ...

I assure you it's worth it !!!

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