Although we are used to celebrating and believing in such a way that, say, the year of the Goat has already come, but, in fact, the sign comes into effect only after the first new moon has happened after the winter solstice. This usually occurs in late January or mid-February. Therefore, those who were born before the full moon should not attribute themselves to the coming year, since the animal of the previous year still protects them.
    There are many different nuances that need to be considered when drawing up horoscopes on the Chinese calendar. Indeed, despite the fact that once every twelve years the year of some animal is repeated, anyway, every time a certain element (tree, iron) has an effect on the animal, and from this character traits, though not much, they change.
    Therefore, in order to find out the full truth about yourself, you need to contact only professional astrologers. The Chinese horoscope is a really great way to understand your character, capabilities and talents.