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Affiliate Program

    Dear visitors of our online store CORONA, we offer you to earn money without leaving your home.

Description of the CORONA affiliate program:

     The product provided in the CORONA online store is a unique jewelry gift, which has no analogues worldwide! Suitable for both men and women! By the way for children, too :))

     It is made on our own equipment, manually by a master jeweler, intended for a wonderful gift for a birthday, New Year, Anniversary and just a lovely gift.

    Placing links or banners on third-party sites to attract potential buyers is welcome. The buyer by clicking on the link automatically becomes "your" buyer for 1 year, i.e. the affiliate program system remembers the buyer's ip address and even if he goes to the online store website not using your link, this buyer will still be considered yours.

Affiliate commission for paid order = 25% of the amount of paid order

    You can place your link anywhere, the main thing is that it does not contradict the rules of the site on which you place the link. Sites for posting links can be absolutely anything: social networks, various forums, directories, news sites, etc. .

How to become a partner

    In order to become a partner and be able to receive payments, you need to register. After that, you automatically become a member of the CORONA affiliate program.

    1. Register on the link section "Affiliate Program" at the bottom of the site:

    2. Go to My Account

    3. Section "MY AFFILIATE ACCOUNT", "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code"

    You will find your unique referral code by starting to enter the name of the product in the line "Tracking Link Generator", select the product from the drop-down list,

    and get in the line "Tracking Link" a referral link to the selected product:

    Post this link with a description, or with a banner:

Banner view
Banner size

or download the whole archive -download- and post to any resource (website, blog, store, forum, etc.) and you will be happy :))

    I remind you once again - registration is required in order to gain access to the Affiliate account.

The CORONA Affiliate Program offers the following rewards:

Affiliate commission for paid order = 25% of the amount of paid order


Withdrawal of funds:

You receive payments for each order within 1-3 banking days after the actual payment of the order. You can get the money you earned through the affiliate program in several ways:

· To a bank card

· WebMoney

·  Postal transfer

    If you have any questions, you can always contact us using the feedback form, through Viber, WhatsApp, through the spoiler chat coming out from below, or by the indicated phones at the bottom of the site :))

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